Elizabeth Warren Tells Stephen Colbert She Does Not Trust Barr’s Mueller Report Recap


Late Show host Stephen Colbert on Monday night asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren if she believes Attorney General Bill Barr’s four-page memo on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian election meddling, in which Barr says Mueller found Trump did not obstruct justice.

“No,” she replied.

Then she added, “and you shouldn’t have to ask me if I trust it. We should see the whole report.”

He wondered what would be in Mueller’s report that she would think would be actionable.

Warren was having none of it, telling Colbert she’d spent a couple days in New Hampshire where she took about 100 questions, and exactly zero of them were about the Mueller report.

Americans are focused on “what’s happening in their lives,” she said. They worry, she added, if we are going to be a country that “works better and better for people who are richer and richer…”

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