Sesame Street AppleTV+ Series ‘Helpsters’ Announced By Big Bird & Cody At Tech Giant Confab

Big Bird Apple TV Plus
Apple Events

Big Bird and fellow Sesame Street muppet Cody revealed Helpsters today at Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event. Helpsters will be the first series in the Apple-Sesame Workshop deal that was announced back in June.

The new show will teach kids how to code, because “coding fosters collaboration, critical thinking skills, and is an essential language that every child can learn,” said Cody who will star in the show.

“By teaching preschoolers about coding, we’re giving them the opportunity to change the world” she exclaimed.

“You’re helping kids to grow up to be, smarter, stronger and kinder,” said Big Bird.

The Apple-Sesame Workshop deal as announced back in June would not include the flagship show Sesame Street which airs on PBS and HBO, rather entirely new original live-action and animated content.

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