Apple News+: $9.99 Monthly Service Gives Users Access To 300 Magazines Including Rolling Stone, New Yorker, People & More

By Anthony D'Alessandro, Dominic Patten

Apple News Plus
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In addition to the news today about Apple TV’s programming lineup at the “It’s Showtime” event in Cupertino, CA, Apple boss Tim Cook and his top lieutenants provided extensive details on the new news service that the tech giant has in the works, and what titans of journalism will be on board. 

Magazines would now be included in Apple News in a new service called Apple News+, a $9.99/a month service that will give Apple users to 300 magazines, including PMC’s own Variety and Rolling Stone, as well as Time, Vogue, People, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Billboard, Popular Science, National Geographic, New York magazine and the New Yorker. Also on board, Los Angeles Times. Normally it would cost a subscriber $8K a month for all these magazines, but now with Apple News+.

The service will also be available in English and French in Canada. What’s intriguing is the ‘live cover’ feature, which Apple’s Wyatt Mitchell dazzled the crowd by showing a NatGeo cover with a moving visual night shot of Sydney, Australia. Funny, Rupert Murdoch, whose WSJ will also be part of Apple News+ tried to launch the first iPad publication with The Daily between 2010-2012. While that didn’t survive, all the vintage magazine brands did in Apple News+

The Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post has made it clearly that it will not be joining the service as the competition faces the Apple onslaught.

“Apple News is the number #1 news app,” Cook proclaimed today to a clearly converted crowd in the Steve Jobs Theater. Cribbing a title from the House of Mouse’s already announced streaming service, the CEO also revealed that the $9.99 a month expanded journalism service will be call AppleNews+. Featuring broadsheets galore such as the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal, the curated and interactive News+ will also have more than 300 magazines and digital outlets like The New Yorker, National GeographicSports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone.

With the service an update away for Apple customers, the first month is free to kick things off.


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