Mark Hamill Makes Kid’s Light Year With Tweet About Boy’s BB-8 Bionic Arm

Open Bionics/Disney

Not long ago (today) in a galaxy really, really close (ours), Luke Skywalker celebrated another hero. Mark Hamill took to Twitter to congratulate a boy on his new bionic hand — one inspired by neo-Star Wars character BB-8.

The Empire Strikes Back Lucasfilm/Fox/Shutterstock

Eleven-year-old Cameron Miller of Edinburgh is a self-described Star Wars nut who happened to be born without a right hand. But rather than let that get him down, it reminds the boy of his intergalactic hero who famously lost his right hand to Darth Vader’s lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back. After a crowdfunding push, Cameron’s family was able to get him a “Hero Arm,” a tricked-out artificial limb from Open Bionics that invokes the droid featured in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

Open Bionics, which touts its business as “turning disabilities into superpowers,” worked with Disney to develop Hero Arm covers from the Star Wars, Iron Man and Frozen universes. We dare you to watch Cameron’s video below, complete with a priceless double-thumbs-up, and not smile as broadly as he does.

Here’s what Hamill tweeted to the boy:

And here’s a video Hamill recorded in November telling kids and parents about Open Bionics:

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