Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump And Devin Nunes : “Babies” About ‘SNL’ And @DevinCow

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers opened Late Night’s “Closer Look” segment noting President Donald Trump likes to call people “babies.”

And yet, Trump keeps whining about people he thinks are being mean to him, from Saturday Night Live to the late Sen. John McCain, to Kellyanne Conway’s conservative-lawyer husband, George who, Trump tweeted, is the “husband from hell.”

Trump is the last person who should describe someone that way, being twice divorced, having paid hush money to a porn star and once misspelled his current wife’s name on Twitter, Meyers noted.

Husband From Hell sounds like Lifetime movie about you. And, I hate to tell you, but, just like SNL, they’re going to get Alec Baldwin,” the late-night host smiled.

Hours before Meyers’ broadcast, Trump slammed McCain publicly for not thanking him for his funeral.

“Because he’s dead,” Meyers explained.

These days, Trump and acolyte Devin Nunes are whining about bias on the part of Google, Twitter, etc. in addition to legacy media.

“Conservatives have been whining about media bias for decades. It’s not sincere…They don’t want fair treatment they want special treatment,” Meyers blasted.

California Rep. Nunes has just sued Twitter for allowing fake accounts to be mean to him, most notably the Devin Nunes’ Cow and Devin Nunes’ Mother twitter accounts. In his lawsuit, he included a graphic posted by one account showing Nunes, Trump and Russian ruler Vladimir Putin attached to each other like a human centipede.

Meyers showed the graphic:

“To be clear, we here at Late Night would never have made a graphic like this, and we certainly would never have been allowed to show it on TV,” he acknowledged.

“But now it’s part of an official lawsuit by a member of Congress and we have to show it,” he said, adding, ” I had to have it printed on a T-shirt.”

“To give you an idea how badly this lawsuit has backfired, in the suit Nunes lawyers write @DevinCow had 1,200 followers – a small number. As of taping it had 471K followers.

(Thursday morning that number had grown by another 100K).

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