Tribeca Film Institute Unveil Scripted And Documentary Projects For Annual All Access Program


Tribeca Film Institute has selected 14 scripted and documentary projects for the 16th annual Tribeca All Access program which amplifies stories from historically underrepresented voices.

The Tribeca All Access program has supported over 560 filmmakers since it was first established in 2004. It is the Institute’s longest-running filmmaker program. Filmmakers supported by the program include Roger Ross Williams (God Loves Uganda, Traveling While Black), RaMell Ross( Hale County This Morning, This Evening), Natalia Almada (Al Otro Lado), Pacho Velez (The Reagan Show), and Tchaiko Omawale (Solace). Some recent supported films include some of the most critically acclaimed festival favorites including Monsters and Men, Midnight Traveler, Pahokee, Building the American Dream, Selah and the Spades, Whose Streets?, Always in Season and The Unafraid.

This year, The Short History of the Long Road, Stray Dolls and A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem will make their debut at the Tribeca Film Festival and are all Tribeca All Access-supported films.

Seven grants will be awarded to scripted projects in various stages:

After the death of his graffiti-writer brother, 15-year-old Trey follows Luke, a train hopping crust punk and his surrogate family of runaways, artists, and activists on illegal train rides that take him deep into a world off the grid. COYOTE BOYS is a portrait of rootless youth experiencing loss and loneliness — creating alternative ways of surviving 21st Century America.
Writer, Director, Producer: Haley Elizabeth Anderson
Co-Producer: Adrien Cothier

The first-year students of an elitist religious school are attending a “faith and integration” camp outside Mexico City. What begins as a tranquil retreat soon becomes dangerous when a mysterious hole is found in the perimeter fence.
Director, Co-Writer: Joaquin Del Paso
Co-Writer, Production Designer: Lucy Pawlak
Producer: Fernanda De la Peza

In the age of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” homeless youth Ellis French joins the Marine Corps in a last-ditch attempt to change his life, but must conceal his attraction for his drill instructor in order to survive boot camp.
Director, Co-Writer: Elegance Bratton
Producers: Chester Algernal, Valerie Steinberg

In 1976 civil-war-torn Beirut, a young rebellious woman fights to free her neighborhood from the control of the Holiday-Inn Sniper and to maintain her relationship with a woman bound by social norms.
Director, Screenwriter: Bane Fakih
Producers: Federica Belletti, Birgit Bernböck

In Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, a Filipina immigrant scrambling to avoid deportation becomes involved with a Russian slaughterhouse worker who is unaware that she’s transgender.
Director, Producer, Screenwriter: Isabel Sandoval
Producers: Darlene Malimas, Jhett Tolentino, Carlo Velayo

Set in an apartment complex outside Oakland, OSIAN tells the story of neighboring Persian-American families through the eyes of two teenagers — one reeling with the death of her mother, the other obsessed with raising money for his own funeral.
Director, Writer: Babak Khoshnoud
Producers: Will Abramson, Zoey Taylor

TOLL (Brazil)
Told with dark humor, TOLL centers on Suellen, a toll booth attendant who realizes she can use her job to help a gang of thieves steal watches from the wealthy people driving between São Paulo and the coast. But this is only for a noble cause: to send her son to an expensive gay conversion workshop led by a renowned foreign priest.
Director, Screenwriter, Producer: Carolina Markowicz

Seven grants will be awarded to documentary projects in various stages:

ABOVE AND BELOW THE GROUND tells the story of brave indigenous women activists and punk rock pastors who come together in the struggle for environmental self-determination in Myanmar’s war-torn North. A last line of defense for communities caught between coveted natural resources, military cronies, and profit-hungry multinationals, these activists fight back the best way they know how–through protest, prayer, and Karaoke music videos.
Director, Cinematographer: Emily Hong
Producer: Maggie Lemere

BLACK MOTHERS follows the journey of two women working to disrupt the cycle of racist violence within our country’s injustice system. As one mother navigates the aftermath of her son’s attack by local police, the other channels her grief into organizing other mothers to fight for—and win—concrete change and justice.
Director, Producer: Debora Souza Silva
Producers: Sabrina Schmidt Gordon, David Felix Sutcliffe

A filmmaker searches to uncover her family’s Iranian past. Excavating the formative memories of her grandmother, mother, and self, JOONAM explores the evolving shape of girlhood – and, with it, the complex relationships between mother and daughter, Iran and America, and the immigrant experience as it ripples over time.
Director: Sierra Urich

Trans filmmaker Madsen Minax returns to his rural Michigan hometown following the death of his infant niece and the wrongful incarceration of his brother-in-law. As he navigates a town steeped in addiction, economic depression, and religious fervor, Madsen creates a relentless portrait of an enduring pastoral family.
Director: Madsen Minax
Producer: Felix Endara

As the war between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian State comes to a long-awaited end, filmmaker Ivan Guarnizo and his brother pursue the truth behind their mom’s kidnapping at the hands of the FARC group and struggle to understand how she was able to forgive her captors in the last years of her life.
Director: Ivan Guarnizo
Producer: Jorge Caballero
Co-Producer: Pablo de la Chica
Executive Producer: Rosa Ramos

THE SILENCE OF MY HANDS follows Rosa and Saira, two Mexican deaf women in love, as they struggle with the adversities of their language, the distance that separates them – and the limited time that they have together, as an unforeseen illness impacts their relationship.
Director: Manuel Acuña
Producer: Mónica Velasco

Faced with a dying Earth, humanity built a spaceport in the desert of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Those who could leave, ventured in search of new planets to call home. This is the story of the people who stayed.
Director: Hannah Jayanti
Producer: Sara Archambault

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