Donald Trump: “I Gave John McCain The Kind Of Funeral He Wanted” And “Did Not Get A Thank You”

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump, speaking at a tank plant in Ohio, once again savaged the late Sen. John McCain today.

Just hours after daughter Meghan McCain addressed the president’s attacks on her late father for a second day running on The View, POTUS again blamed John McCain for the failed Obamacare repeal with the famous thumbs-down gesture during a 2 AM vote.

He also blamed McCain for the dossier alleging ties between then-private-citizen Trump and Russia, continuing the grievance campaign against the war hero who succumbed to brain cancer seven months ago.

“A lot of people are asking me, because they love me, about a man named John McCain,” the president claimed today. “I’ve never liked him much … probably never will.”

Trump complained that McCain “didn’t call me” when he got the dossier, instead “he turned it over to the FBI,” which he insisted McCain did because he hoped to put Trump “in jeopardy.”

“That’s not the nicest thing to do,” Trump said.

POTUS opened his remarks telling the crowd they had to love him. “You’d better love me, I kept this place open,” Trump said.

Hours earlier, the Ladies of The View suggested that Melania Trump deploy her “Be Best” campaign to get her husband to shove a sock in it, regarding bashing the dead Vietnam War vet who famously spent six years as a POW.

“We’ve heard that the First Lady’s platform is ‘Be Best,’ about cyberbullying,” co-host Sunny Hostin noted today. “I would like to see Melania Trump … the Trump family stop this in the White House.”

Meghan McCain, meanwhile, said hers is a family of privilege and hoped people instead focus on those being bullied who “don’t have women from The View to come out and support their family.”

“There are kids committing suicide because of cyberbullying,” she reminded viewers of the ABC News program.

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