‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer: First Full-Length Look At Woody’s Latest Adventure


The first full-length trailer for the Disney-Pixar Toy Story 4 debuted this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, and offers the first significant hints at where this latest installment in the adventures of Woody & Co is heading: To Disneyland, or some much smaller, carnivalesque version thereof.

Earlier teaser spots for the Josh Cooley-directed sequel – watch one here, and the Super Bowl tease here – introduced a significant new character to the Toy Story universe: Forky (voiced by Tony Hale), a plastic spork turned plaything created by little human Bonnie in art class.

Adding a touch of animated existentialism to mix, Forky just can’t understand his place in the great big toy box of life. In the new trailer, he wonders about his purpose, opining to cowboy Woody (Tom Hanks) “Why am I alive? I am not a toy! I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash.” When Forky runs off (or whatever it is animated sporks do), Woody follows. There’s a road trip, a carnival adventure, old friends (including Annie Pott’s Bo Peep) and new, and some seemingly vicious ventriloquist dummies that look like old Pee-wee Herman dolls turned Wall Street villains.

Directed by Cooley and produced by Jonas Rivera and Mark Nielsen, Toy Story 4 features, in addition to Hanks, Allen and Potts, the voices of Joan Cusack, John Ratzenberger and Keanu Reeves, among others.

Disney-Pixar releases Toy Story 4 to theaters on June 21. Check out the trailer above.

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