Stephen Colbert Diagnoses Donald Trump’s Deranged Sunday Tweetstorm


UPDATED with video: President Donald Trump won’t come out and condemn anti-Muslim terrorism, or white supremacy, or mention that it’s on the rise,” Stephen Colbert said Monday at the top of The Late Show.

But pretty much everything else seemed to enrage POTUS who, in a 12-hour period on Sunday, sent out 29 tweets.

“He might have carpal thumbel. Or mental illness. Or a need to distract us from something more Mueller-y,” Colbert quipped.

One thing Trump was very upset about was Fox News’s sidelining of its Saturday show host Jeanine Pirro.

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Colbert played the opening remarks from the program two weekends back, that got her pulled off the air. During her controversial comments, Pirro seemed to question the patriotism of Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar and other Muslim women who wear hijabs.

Colbert ripped Pirro for mispronouncing hijab and said “you rah-cist,” to applause.

He continued: “In a statement, Fox News condemned the judge, saying ‘Ms. Pirro’s remarks do not reflect those of the network,’ adding, ‘we reminded her we’re doing Mexicans this week.'”

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