Sony’s PlayStation Vue Expands Multi-View Feature To Apple TV Subscribers

Sony’s PlayStation Vue is expanding its “multi-view” feature, which already available on PlayStation 4, to Apple TV subscribers of the streaming service.

The Vue skinny bundle, which was among the first lower-cost, internet-delivered TV players when it launched in 2015. Multi-view which was added two years ago on the PS4, allows viewers to simultaneously watch three programs and once. On Apple TV, it will allow four simultaneous live broadcasts. (In the image above, it pictures Game of Thrones and three sports programs, an entirely viable scenario in many households.)

It is the only comparable service offered by any TV bundle, skinny or not.

“We are thrilled to expand to Apple TV to allow more of our customers to enjoy the feature,” the company said in an initially launch announcement.

Along with the rollout on Vue, Sony said the multi-view feature on PS4, which offers up to three live channels at once, is getting two updates. The first is real-time program changing, meaning viewers will no longer have to start from the beginning each time they want to add in a different program. The second update is new filters. Sports and News now have their own dedicated tabs, easing discovery of those programs by users wanting to add them to the multi-view display.

The total skinny-bundle marketplace has about 8 million subscribers (a precise number is hard to come by, as Vue, YouTube TV and others don’t report numbers as DirecTV and Sling must, as public companies). Of those, Vue is still below 1 million four years in, but Sony has said it remains committed to the service given its cross-promotional potential, among other benefits.

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