Stephen Colbert Zings Donald Trump’s Latest Tweet Trash Of Late-Night TV


Stephen Colbert responded to President Donald Trump’s second tweet trashing late night TV hosts,  this time saying the three “very weak and untalented” hosts are “fighting over table scraps” and wondering what they will do for material when he’s out of office, “in 2024, forecasting a “wacky” unemployment line. [Watch it at the 4:45 mark in the video above]

“First of all, sir, three?” Colbert shot back, informing Trump it’s 2019 and late night no longer is confined to the three big broadcast networks at 11:30 PM.

“James Corden, Seth Meyers, Sam Bee, Trevor Noah, Conan, Desus & Mero are just as weak and untalented as me and the Double Jim-Jims,” Colbert said, adding that John Oliver may be weakest.

“And, what do you mean what are we going to do when you’re not president? First there’s the parade….” Colbert quipped.

As for the wacky unemployment line of late-night hosts when Trump’s out of office, Colbert advised POTUS to watch and see if that’s how it plays out “if the warden gives you TV privileges.”

It’s the second day in which Trump distracted his base with tweets blasting late night TV – a campaign launched in concert with Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, using a clip from a Today show interview with Jay Leno this week about the old days of Tonight show.

Colbert previously took the bait on Trump’s first tweet, disproving POTUS claim his comedy is one-sided by demonstrating “I can make fun of the president from every angle.”

In his first tweet, Trump also had assured his base “WE are number one  – President!”

“Little correction,” Colbert smiled, “WE are number one – The Late Show!“:

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