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It’s been said that the the biggest threat to Netflix is a person’s sleep, but it might just be in fact the online game Fortnite.

At the INTV session in Jerusalem Israel on Tuesday, Fortnite or 5G? The Next Big Trends that will Shape the Future of Media and Entertainment, it was discussed how the popularity of the multi-player online game, might be the biggest challenger to streaming platforms and channels like HBO when it comes to millennial eyeballs.

Danny Peled, the Managing Partner of KDC Media Fund, shared “The average time a Fortnite player spends a week: 6-10 hours a week. That can explain why Netflix is worried, ultimately they don’t compete with other TV services as much as they try to compete with consumption – how much time we use game apps or watch videos; currently they are losing. Probably the most astonishing piece of data I’ll share today – the revenues per user per year for big four platforms we all know – Google $27, Facebook $19, Twitter $8, Snapchat $3 and Fornite $96from each user a year. That gives you some kind of a benchmark as to why this is so scary.”

Peled mentioned that Fortnite wanted to see if they could bring an audience to the game to watch a live concert; not to play. “The result was amazing – 10 million gamers watched live on Fortnite,” said Peled.

Gaming has become so pervasive that it was recently announced that ESPN was launching the first college esports global gaming tournament. ESPN Collegiate Esports Championship (CEC) will see students from hundreds of colleges across North America compete for gaming scholarships. The event will feature Blizzard’s gaming title Overwatch. Winners will then progress to the series local area network (LAN) semi-final and championship final events, to be held in Houston between May 10-12.

Peled asked the panelists which included Dr Gali Einav, Ph.D. Head of International Program in Entrepreneurship, IDC Herzliya; Daniel Shinar, Tech Investor (ClalTech, Access Industries) & Bestselling Author (Red Skies); Uri Rozen, CEO & Chief Editor, Mako & Head of Digital, Keshet Media Group; and Idit Muallem-Yedid, Principal, Pitango Growth if “Esports will become the savior for broadcasters.”

Said Muallem-Yedid, “We understand the lucrative demographics of millennials we are struggling to reach in the media. We see top brands already sponsoring it, the Olympics are considering it as a prime sport, no serious media player is disregarding it anymore.”


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