‘Captain Marvel’ Aces $550M Worldwide; Will Rise To $600M+ Through Friday


THURSDAY UPDATE: After crossing $500M worldwide on Tuesday, Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel has powered to $550.2M global through Wednesday. With an additional $17.4M from 53 material overseas markets yesterday, the international box office cume is now $362.6M. Carol Danvers’ energized fists should be clutching $600M+ globally through Friday with offshore crossing $400M during the weekend.

The Brie Larson-starrer on Tuesday crossed Ant-Man worldwide, and next has Doctor Strange in her sights.

Yesterday’s international gross was 7% of the opening FSS weekend, down from Monday ($22.4M) and Tuesday ($19.5M). Comparitively, Black Panther’s first Tuesday and Wednesday repped 11% of his initial weekend last year.

As noted below, it’s still a bit early to perfectly track Captain Marvel alongside other MCU comp titles overall, with more becoming clear as we get into the end-of-week and weekend. Some sources believe CM will ultimately cross $1B worldwide, but there is caution that it could be close and may not get to the milestone — still repping a breakout hit. The next frame will be telling with regards to front-loading.

China has crossed the $100M threshold with $104.1M through Wednesday ($108M through today at local estimates). Korea is still the No. 2 market with $27.3M through yesterday ($28.1M with Thursday grosses according to local reporting). They are followed by the UK ($21M), Brazil ($17M) and Mexico ($15.6M) through Wednesday.

Rounding out the Top 10 are Australia ($13.3M), Indonesia ($13.1M), Russia ($12.6M), France ($10.6M) and Germany ($9.4M). Japan opens this weekend.

PREVIOUS, TUESDAY: Currently standing at $490M worldwide through Monday, Disney/Marvel’s Captain Marvel will cross the $500M mark globally when today’s figures are tallied. Already yesterday, Carol Danvers helped push the Marvel Cinematic Universe past $18B in global grosses through 21 films to $18.02B to date.

After a $302M+ opening frame at the international box office, Captain Marvel added $22.4M in 53 material markets on Monday to lift the offshore cume to $325.6M.

CM‘s first overseas Monday is 8% of the FSS weekend’s business, and is in line with Black Panther which did 9% of its debut session’s numbers on its first Monday last year. Internationally, it’s still early to track Captain Marvel alongside other MCU comp titles overall. More will be borne out throughout the midweeks and into next weekend. Japan is also set to debut this Friday.

China continues to lead all play, amassing $95M through yesterday. Unofficial numbers out of the Middle Kingdom have the superheroine topping $100M today. The market currently reps about 29% of Carol Danvers’ offshore running cume — and while huge China grosses are not to be sniffed at, the fact that CM doesn’t appear overly reliant on the Middle Kingdom works well towards profits since only 25% of the box office comes back from turnstiles there. Final projections for China are in the $150M range with the Brie Larson-starrer topping other initial MCU standalone character pics.

Korea is the next best overseas market at $25.3M through Monday ($26.4M through Tuesday per local reporting). The UK ($18.1M), Brazil ($14.7M) and Mexico ($13.7M) round out the Top 5 cumes through Monday.

We’ll continue updating on Captain Marvel‘s trajectory throughout the week.

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