Stephen Colbert Fillets Tucker Carlson Over Past Offensive Remarks To Shock Jock


CBS Late Show star Stephen Colbert reminded fans that, while his show has a lot of fun talking about some of the terrible things President Donald Trump says on camera, it’s not fair to single him out because a lot of people say terrible things.

“And, by a lot of people I mean Tucker Carlson,” he segued, becoming the latest program to dive into Media Matters’ trove of controversial Carlson comments made between 2006-11 on a radio talk show hosted by shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge.

In one such conversation, Carlson and Sponge talked about the physical appearance of then Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Carlson felt sorry for her, because she is “never going to be an attractive woman.”

“Harsh words from the next 007 here,” Colbert snarked, of Carlson.

Among the more stunning conversations dug up by Media Matters, Carlson and Sponge mulled Utah polygamist leader Warren


Jeffs was convicted on two felony counts of child sexual assault in 2011.

Carlson argued Jeffs didn’t himself marry underage girls.

Sponge told listeners Jeffs was in the slammer for facilitation of child rape.

Carlson argued Jeffs is in prison “because he’s weird and unpopular and he has a different lifestyle that other people find creepy.”

“No, he’s an accessory to the rape of children. That is a felony, and a serious one at that,” Sponge schooled the current Fox News Channel primetime star.

Carlson preferred to think of Jeffs as heading some “weird religious cult where its okay to marry underage girls.” And Carlson argued that the rapist in this case has made a lifelong commitment to live with and take care of the minor “so it’s different. Let’s be honest.”

“Yes, let’s be honest,” Colbert agreed in 2019. “You’re awful on so may levels. But, on a positive note I think R. Kelly just got a character witness.”

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