Jimmy Kimmel Hopes CBS Paid R. Kelly’s Bail Since He Has Been Great For Network

Jimmy Kimmel

UPDATED with video: Jimmy Kimmel opened his Monday show admitting he didn’t think CBS could top Gayle King’s interview with R. Kelly last week. But the network did with its Friday one-hour special in which King and her team emptied their notebooks, so to speak.

“We got a fresh round of unforgettable moments,” the ABC late-night star said, generously, of the CBS broadcast, admitting: “I didn’t think it was possible for this interview to get better, but I was wrong.”

R. Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of four females. Three of them were said to be underage, Kimmel noted.

“His career is on the line, his freedom is on the line. And, so, for whatever reason, either R, and/or the people who represent him, thought it would be a good idea to put him on TV,” Kimmel said.


Among the things the comedian said he learned, “R. Kelly can objectify women of any age!” noting the moment the singer assured King he would socialize with older women too, “if the body’s tight.”

“He’s gonna make a great President one day,” Kimmel snarked.

On top of it “being a display of instability from start to finish, it was also maybe the weirdest McDonald’s commercial ever,” Kimmel said. When King asked why he headed directly to McDonald’s after getting out on bail, McDonald’s being one of his alleged preferred pickup places. Kelly told Gayle he loved his mother and, for him, “The M stands for mom.”

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But of all the crazy things R. Kelly said to Gayle “in their 80 minutes of magic together,” the craziest might have been when he asked the CBS This Morning co-host if she did not find it strange that “all of the evidence of pedophilia points to me… an alleged pedophile?” Kimmel described.

“His defense is basically, ‘How come Tony Bennett never got accused of running a sex cult?'” Kimmel said, hoping Kelly decides to represent himself at trial “because that would be amazing.”

Kelly’s a free man after an anonymous party paid the $161,000 in child support he owed his ex-wife.

“This person, who his lawyer declined to name, made the payment on the condition that R. Kelly keeps doing more interviews,” Kimmel joked, speculating “maybe CBS paid the money” because “this has been great for them.”

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