Amazon To “Double Down” On Unscripted In Europe As It Looks To “Reinvent” Factual & Entertainment – INTV


Amazon is “doubling down” on non-scripted programming in Europe and is looking to reinvent certain factual and entertainment genres. This comes after the SVOD announced its first scripted slate since Georgia Brown began leading the company out of London.

Brown, speaking at a Deadline-moderated session at INTV in Israel, admitted that non-scripted can be more challenging than scripted for premium platforms.

“In the scripted space, it’s sometimes a bit more obvious in terms of what works, but in unscripted, it can be more of a question. People are paying for the privilege of watching our shows, we’re really bulking up on our unscripted teams, the challenge is that we do want things to be serialized still, we need a pull through, we need people to continue watching the show, and inevitably is access is also quite important, talent, places, people you haven’t seen before,” she said.

Brown highlighted its forthcoming documentary about Spanish soccer player Sergio Ramos.

“Spain is a good example, we are delivering a fantastic show this year which is a kind of follow doc of Sergio Ramos. It’s really special, this show, Ramos opened the door where he hasn’t done so before, and I really think it’s going to capture the audience.”

Amazon is looking at high-end documentaries, access docs and other factual topics as well as entertainment, across its major markets including the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

“You have to remember that someone is parting with their cash to watch this show. I’m incredibly excited about unscripted, there’s a possibility to reinvent some genres,” she added.

The former Fremantle exec stated that Amazon wants to be local in each of these markets – in both scripted and non-scripted. “We want to be local, we’re not judged on whether they travel around the world or not, I think because of the nature of who we are, we are naturally very drawn to international stories. I don’t think you can design a show for a global audience, you have to know who your audience is,” she added.

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