‘American Idol’ Tops Demo, ’60 Minutes’ Takes Viewers As Daylight Savings Clocks Sunday Shows


ABC’s American Idol (1.3, 7.221M) snagged its second week as Sunday’s No. 1-ranked broadcast show while taking a ratings hit, in company with virtually all other programs, as Daylight Savings took its toll.

CBS newsmag 60 Minutes (0.8, 8.449M) topped the night in total viewers, but it’s numbers also suffered spring-forward slump.

NBC’s 8 PM World of Dance (0.8, 3.479M) likewise dropped, 2/20ths in the demo, compared to previous week’s premiere after which Good Girls (0.6, 2.471M) hit a series low in the metric.

ABC America’s Funniest Home Videos (0.9, 5.581M) dropped 2/10th, and 10 PM Shark Tank (0.8, 3.883M) fumbled 1/10th.

Both Idol, which slid 4/10th in the demo off previous week’s premiere, and Dance may also have been affected by CBS’ Aretha Franklin tribute (0.6, 5.403M) when they overlapped in the 9-10 PM hour. Aretha! A Grammy Celebration For The Queen Of Souls numbers arguably hit the target audiences of the competition’s reality shows harder than dramas CBS usually runs at that time.

Not helping Aretha!, underperforming God Friended Me (0.6, 6.694M) matched that series’ demo low to date and set a new total-viewer low.

CW’s Supergirl (0.3, 1.060M) and Charmed (0.2, 765K) similarly slipped.

Fox viewers seemed most impervious to the clock re-setting. At 9 PM, Family Guy (0.9, 2.260M) stood out as the network’s broadcast show to grow in the demo compared to previous week; 8 PM’s The Simpsons (0.8, 2.168M) and 8:30’s Bob’s Burgers (0.8, 1.981M) did not grow, but did not slip; Fox ran repeats elsewhere on its slate.

ABC won its 3rd straight Sunday in the 18-49 age bracket, taking every half hour in the metric to beat, by 57%, CBS, NBC and Fox’s 3-way tie for No. 2.

ABC (1.1, 5.976M) took the night in the demo while CBS (0.7, 6.487M) topped in total viewers and tied NBC (0.7, 3.055M) and Fox (0.7, 1.947M) for No. 2 in the demo.

CW (0.3, 913K) followed.

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