Gayle King Scolds R. Kelly For “Yukkin’ It Up At McDonalds” After Release From Jail On Sex Abuse Charges


On the theory there is no detail too small in the R. Kelly saga, and with Gayle King’s 80-minute interview A-matter having already aired across the week on CBS This Morning and CBS Evening News, the network has issued footage in which King scolds the singer for visiting McDonalds after his February 25 release from jail on sex abuse charges.

This exchange, and others, await viewers in Friday’s one-hour primetime special The Gayle King Interview with R. Kelly.

“Can you explain why you get out of court and the first thing you do is go to McDonald’s?” King asked in the clip.

“I mean…you’re just sort of yukkin’ it up at McDonald’s,” she scolded.

“I’m thinking, ‘Does he like the fries? A Big Mac?’,” she continued.

“I just think, considering the seriousness of the charge, I just wouldn’t think you’d go and hang at McDonald’s. Is it just me?” King asked.

“I didn’t ‘go hang’,” Kelly took issue.

“I saw you sitting at McDonald’s,” she shot back.

Kelly tried a different tack.

“You ever been in jail, Gayle?” he asked.

She has not.

“OK, so then listen to me clear,” he began:

“I grew up on, like, certain things. But I was in a place that, first of all, I felt like I shouldn’t be. But I was there. It was real, OK? There was times where I was very hungry,” he said.

“My favorite restaurant is McDonald’s because, I love my mom, and I got memories of me and my mom when we used to go to McDonald’s and we could only afford a Danish and a coffee.”

Kelly may have won that round.

During that exchange, Gayle King may have been referencing this report, from CBS’s Chicago O&O:

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