Bill Shine Resigns As White House Communications Director


Bill Shine is out as President Donald Trump’s White House Communications Director, after less than a year.

The former Fox News bigwig offered his resignation to Trump Thursday night and it was accepted. Shine, who was  will transition to a Trump 2020 re-election campaign role as adviser, though there were not specifics.

Earlier this week, the Trump campaign announced it was beefing up its communication team with more hires, Fox News noted in its coverage of Shine’s exit.

Move is a surprise, even by Trump administration standards, though a red flag went up when Shine did not accompany POTUS to Vietnam to meet with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, as was planned.

“Bill Shine has done an outstanding job working for me and the Administration,” Trump said in a statement, adding “We will miss him in the White House, but look forward to working together on the 2020 Presidential Campaign, where he will be totally involved.”

Shine was brought on to improve Trump’s press coverage, which did not happen, though that can hardly be called Shine’s fault.

Most recently, New Yorker published a tome, “The Making of the Fox News White House” which detailed a cozy relationship between the news channel and Trump, which DNC used to support its decision to decline Fox News’s bid to host a Democratic debate during the 2020 election cycle.

And, news of Shine’s exit momentarily distracted news outlets from coverage of February’s jobs report: only 20K jobs gained, which is the smallest increase in a month since September of 2017.

Shine had been in the position only since last July, surviving in the high-risk gig just 246 days. On the bright side, that makes him the longest to hold that post; Anthony Scaramucci remains the recorder holder for shortest tenure, at 10 days. Shine was the fifth person to have the gig since Trump took office.

Shine joined the White House as a veteran of Fox News; he rose to co-president of the news network when Roger Ailes got the hook, but left within a year of that promotion.

At the White House, he replaced Hope Hicks, who later was named communications chief at Fox.

“Serving President Trump and this country has been the most rewarding experience of my entire life,” Shine said in his statement issued Friday.

“To be a small part of all this President has done for the American people has truly been an honor. I’m looking forward to working on President Trump’s reelection campaign and spending more time with my family.”

Meanwhile White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – you remember her, she used to hold those daily press briefings — called Shine “a great leader on our team and someone we have all loved working with every day” in her statement.

“He brought a tremendous amount of talent and expertise to the Administration. Bill has become a real friend and his generosity and his passion for our country will be sorely missed,” she continued, calling it “a big loss for the White House, but a huge gain for the President’s reelection campaign.”

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