Jimmy Kimmel Prays For Paul Manafort

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the first of Paul Manafort’s two days of sentencing on Thursday.

“President Trump’s former campaign chairman was sentenced to 47 months in prison, which was a shock to prosecutors, who suggested a sentence of 19 to 24 years,” the ABC late-night host told his surprised studio audience.

“You know a sentence isn’t too stiff when they announce in months…like when you tell somebody how old your baby is,” he added.

Manafort had been found guilty on two counts of bank fraud, five counts of tax fraud, and one count of failing to declare a foreign bank account. “Or as Donald Trump used to call it: a good Wednesday,” Kimmel quipped.

But before he learned his fate, Manafort, who showed up to court in a wheelchair, told the court his life, personally and professionally, is in shambles.

“He said prayer and faith have helped him. Which reminds me, ” Kimmel said. Then he prayed: “God, you know, I don’t ask for much. But please if you can, please put Paul Manafort in the same cell as R. Kelly. Amen.”

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