MoviePass Rival Sinemia Rolls Out Ticket Plan Without Subscription Requirement


Sinemia, a rival to MoviePass in the percolating movie ticketing space, has announced a plan that offers discounted movie tickets without requiring a subscription.

The new Sinemia Limitless plan offers a card — either virtual or physical — worth $100, which can be redeemed for movie tickets. That card costs $70 in a one-time payment, with the value of the card good for one year. Limitless users can get an additional 5% off when they buy tickets from partner movie theaters through Sinemia’s direct ticketing service.

Once the value of the card is used up, customers can sign up again but there is no recurring payment or ongoing charge to a credit card. Also, current Sinemia subscribers can opt to add a new Limitless plan at any time rather than renewing their existing plan.

The new option covers any type of ticket for any day at any theater location, including luxury cinemas and premium format screens, without any blackout dates. Limitless allows customers to make multiple ticket purchases on the same day and for an unlimited number of moviegoers in a single transaction. The new plan also eliminates the necessity of checking in with the app at the theater — a step marketed as a convenience but used as a means of collecting valuable consumer data.

Fees may still apply to online ticket transactions, however, though Sinemia said online fees can be avoided if customers use a physical card at the box office. Fees are at the heart of a class-action lawsuit pending from subscribers in 10 states. They are objecting to a fee of $1.80, which they say alters the value of Sinemia compared with how it is marketed.

The company’s most recent statement in response to the lawsuit emphasizes its commitment to making moviegoing “more affordable and enjoyable” by covering the ticket price. “While nobody enjoys fees, there are certain costs related to booking and processing outside of the price of the movie ticket,” the statement said. “This allows Sinemia to maintain being the only movie ticket subscription service to provide access to all showtimes for all movies in all theaters without restrictions.” Users of physical Sinemia cards, as with Limitless can avoid fees.

Compared with Sinemia, MoviePass struggled with balancing its rapid growth with the task of fulfilling subscriber requests for tickets, eventually introducing limitations on available titles.

Limitless, according to Sinemia, is a step toward minimizing customer angst about which films are included and which films aren’t, as well as the need for yet one more subscription.

“We’re proud to offer a range of options for every type of moviegoer, including simpler plan without any limitations for those who prefer not to commit to a subscription,” Sinemia founder and CEO Rifat Oguz said in a press release. The Limitless offering, he added, reflects the company’s effort to come up with innovations that can be meaningful to “even people without a smartphone.”

Sinemia, founded in Turkey in 2014, is now based in LA. Like MoviePass, it is now facing more serious competition from major exhibitors like AMC and Carmike, both of which have been pushing their own subscription plans.

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