Comedy Central’s Short-Form Series ‘Comedians Solve World Problems’ Remade Globally Including In The U.S.

Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s digital series Comedians Solve World Problems is going global with local versions in ten markets including the U.S.

The show was originally produced by Comedy Central International for the U.K, but will now be localized by Viacom Digital Studios International in the U.S. France, Spain, Benelux, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Middle East and North Africa and Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

In the U.S. five episodes of the show have been produced, although no comedians have been revealed. In Asia, ten episodes have been produced and other territories are producing eight episodes.

It marks the first time that a Comedy Central International short-form series will be remade in the U.S. It comes after Viacom Digital Studios International introduced production hubs in Buenos Aires, New York and London to increase its output. The division has previously produced titles including Josh Investigates and Bad Snappers and is planning to produce an additional 20 series through 2019.

The show features comedians trying to solve issues such as racism, sexism, overpopulation, politics and hacking. A number of the episodes will feature one world problem across all regional version, while the rest will focus on local news. There will be up to 20 total comics in each territory.

Comedians Solve World Problems will run on digital and social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat beginning in March 2019.

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