Bill Maher’s Graphic New Rule Delivers PETA Message On Coyote Cruelty

Bill Maher

Bill Maher has a New Rule you won’t see on his HBO late-night show.

The Real Time star weighs in on “hipster douches” who wear Canada Goose parkas, in a new PSA for PETA

Shot before Maher’s HBO show taped last Friday, he did not mince words:

“New rule: No more douches. I mean the hipster douches who piss away $1,000 on a Canada Goose parka and the hipsterazzi who max out their credit cards to  look like them,” he admonishes in the video.

“See, what they don’t realize—or may not care about—is that Canada Goose trims its coats with the fur of coyotes who’ve been crushed and mangled in steel traps so painful and indiscriminate that they’ve been outlawed in over 85 countries.”

Female coyotes, desperate to get back to their pups in the den, “try to chew off their own leg,” he described, adding grimy that those who don’t succeed are “strangled or beaten to death by the assholes who set the traps…If they do, they die later anyway of blood loss, infection, shock or gangrene.”

But, Maher continues, “this shitty outfit isn’t content to kill coyotes.”

The down feathers in its parkas comes from geese that are “grabbed by the neck, stepped on, and crammed into crates so crowded they make clown cars look like Cadillacs.”

Maher is referencing  this disturbing video PETA says was shot at a Canada Goose down supplier,showing the birds being carried by their necks and suffocating as they are stacked alive on top of each other on way to slaughter.

“Don’t wear Canada Goose,”Maher urges in his PSA. “Only a douche does that.”

“You won’t look cool—you’ll look cold.”

Maher’s video is part of a larger PETA campaign to inform consumers about Canada Goose. That campaign has been ramped up as the Canada Goose continues to expand into new markets.

Canada Goose is a player in the film festival circuit, a PETA rep tells Deadline. The animal advocacy organization says its campaign lead the Berlin Film Festival to end its contract with the company in 2017, but Canada Goose still sponsors the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance Institute.

The company frequently gifts their jackets to celebrities “who aren’t aware of the cruelty behind their products,” the PETA rep said.

Canada Goose says it its “products are designed and built to protect against the elements in the coldest places on Earth – places where exposed skin can freeze in an instant” and having fur trim around the hood “disrupts airflow which helps protect the face from frostbite.”

Canada Goose also says it supports “ethical sourcing and responsible use of down used in our products” using suppliers that “are required to certify that our down comes as a by-product of the poultry industry and has not come from live-plucked or force-fed birds.”

All animals, Canadian Goose says in its mission statement, are “entitled to humane treatment in life and death.”

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