Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Finally Went To Vietnam And Got Killed Back Home By Michael Cohen

Seth Meyers

Republicans were clearly freaking out in the walk-up to Wednesday’s televised testimony of President Donald Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, NBC Late Night star Seth Meyers told viewers.

No one more so than GOP Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who threatened to Cohen, to try to intimidate him on Tuesday night with a tweet wondering if Cohen’s wife knows about his girlfriends and wondering if she would remain faithful to him when he’s in jail.

“I didn’t think anyone could out-sleaze Donald Trump, but you did it my friend,” Meyers snarked at Gaetz, who is now being invested for the threat by the Florida state bar.

Meanwhile, over in Vietnam for a second summit with North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un, Trump got asked what he thought of Cohen’s testimony during a photo op with Kim, who seemed tickled by the question.

“Look at Kim’s face. Even he is like, ‘I’m so happy I’m not Donald Trump right now!'” Meyers marveled. He added,  of the president who got a bone spurs draft deferment back in the day, “Trump finally went to Vietnam and he’s getting killed back home.

Trump never thought he was going to win the White House, seeing his campaign only as a means to build his brand and enrich himself. Trump, Cohen said, would often say his campaign was “going to be the greatest infomercial in history.”

“Donald Trump is the Slanket of presidents,” Meyers snarked.

The president’s former personal lawyer recounted how he had been asked to threaten Trump’s high school and college not to release his grades and his SAT scores – after Trump waged a racist campaign to get President Obama to release his college records, Meyers noted.

And, shortly before the infamous Trump Tower meeting between Donald Jr. and Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton, Junior walked into Dad’s office while Cohen was present , and stage whispered to Trump that the “meeting was all set” to which Trump responded “Okay, good. Let me know,” Cohen recounted, saying it stood out to him because “Mr. Trump frequently told me and others his son Don Jr. had the worst judgement of anyone in the world.”

Added Meyers: “You know it’s bad when you get dissed for being dumb by a man who threatened his college not to release his SAT scores.”

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