New Hollywood Podcast: ‘Now Apocalypse’ Star Avan Jogia Talks Oscars And The Brilliance Of Spike Lee

By Dino-Ray Ramos, Amanda N'Duka

Avan Jogia has an interesting name — a name many have said he should change when he first started in the business over a decade ago. With his mix of Indian and Irish heritage, Jogia refused to stray from his culture and decided against a stage name. Now, his name is becoming recognizable and distinct in a class of young Hollywood. He has appeared in numerous TV shows early in his career but his name will soon be even more well known with the forthcoming Starz Greg Araki series Now Apocalypsehis role in the Shaft revival as well as Zombieland: Double Tap, a sequel to the 2009 horror comedy. Jogia stopped by the New Hollywood Podcast to talk about his upcoming projects and being of mixed race in Hollywood. But before we went into that, we dove deep into the results of this year’s Oscars.

From the divisive Best Picture winner Green Book to the inclusive list of honorees at this year’s ceremony, Jogia shared his astute thoughts about the Academy and what some of these wins (mainly by the people of color and women) mean for the direction of the industry. But there was one win that he put a lot of shine on: Spike Lee. Jogia is a superfan of the BlacKkKlansman and was overjoyed that the filmmaker finally received his due after all these decades. More specifically he said that Hollywood has finally caught up to Spike Lee.

Listen to the episode below.

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