Behrad Javed Joins Imagine Impact As Head Of Operations And Product

Imagine Impact

EXCLUSIVE: Imagine Entertainment Chairmen Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and Imagine Impact Head Tyler Mitchell have tapped Behrad Javed to lead Operations and Product at their content accelerator, Imagine Impact.

The company recently closed a deal with Netflix for the animated feature Tunga, from its inaugural accelerator, Impact 1.  The second accelerator, Impact 2, launches on April 1.

Behrad is a former management consultant, warzone advisor, entrepreneur, and derivatives trader. He was an engagement manager at the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where he led digital business building efforts and product launches for multiple Fortune 500 companies and technology startups. He was also an embedded advisor with the United States military in southwest Afghanistan, and worked at a conflict zone investment startup that invested in Afghan businesses and entrepreneurs looking to reimagine their country for the better.

“From the moment I heard about Imagine Impact, I was drawn to its mission to empower content creators from around the globe whose stories need to be heard. With the spread of high speed internet across every pocket of the planet and distribution having been radically disrupted over the past ten years or so, stories and content have the ability to change the world,” said Javed. “You have people living in mud huts in rural Afghanistan with access to high speed internet huddled around a smartphone watching movies. It’s unprecedented and extraordinarily exciting, and Brian, Ron, and Tyler are visionaries – I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with them.”

Impact Team (L-R) Eliacin, Ungar and Han Imagine Impact

Javed joins the current Impact team which already includes Dara Eliacin, Director of Creative & Operations; Daniel Ungar, Creative Manager;  and Chris Han, Technology & Design Manager. All were members of the team during the launch and success of Impact’s inaugural program, Impact 1.

Eliacin was instrumental in the launch of Impact 1 and oversees the day-to-day operations of the entire Impact ecosystem, including application review, logistics, strategic partnerships, including WeWork, and social media, as well as facilitating Impact’s upcoming launch into international, branded, virtual and custom-content accelerators.

Ungar works in tandem with Eliacin on application and management, works closely with Creators and Shapers on in-program script and pitch development and coordinates the sales processes for all Impact accelerators.  Ungar is also involved with branding and marketing efforts in connection with the scaling of the company.

Han played a key role in the development of Impact’s mobile app and will oversee all internal technology and design initiatives, including designing and developing the UI & UX for mobile and web platforms. Han also oversees the day-to-day management and integration of Impact’s technology partnerships as Impact continues to build out its proprietary systems.

Said Mitchell, “I’m thrilled that Behrad is joining the Impact team.  His wealth of skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of Impact’s mission and vison will add incredible value to Impact as we expand our global and technological footprint.  Dara, Daniel and Chris are a team of incredibly smart, creative, and lateral thinkers, who deserve a lot of credit for the success of Impact 1 and am very excited for what’s ahead.”

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