Eminem Throws Slim Shady On Netflix Over ‘Punisher’ Cancellation

Eminem The Punisher

Netflix probably thought they made a swift surgical move cutting Marvel’s The Punisher and Jessica Jones this week, but Eminem made it very clear tonight he can take a slice out of the streamer in retaliation.

The Oscar winning hip hop artist took to social media late Wednesday to loudly protest the February 18 cancellation of the bloody Jon Bernthal led vigilante series:

Along with the early retirement of the Krysten Ritter starring Jones, the not all-together unexpected end of the saga of the ruthless Frank Castle by Netflix one month after its second season launched marks the termination of the once burgeoning business partnership between the Disney-owned superhero giant and the streamer that originated to such fanfare in 2013.

Six years ago, in the early days of Netflix’s expansion into original programming, Marvel and the Reed Hastings-run company announced a NYC-based four series and one limited series partnership. As Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders team-up were being blueprinted, the tax incentives policies of the Empire State were literally altered to accommodate the deal.

With the respective plugs pulled on Iron Fist, then Mike Colter-led Luke Cage and the Charlie Cox fronted Man Without Fear series last year and Disney aiming to establish its own Marvel heavy streaming service, Punisher seemed on life support in recent weeks. What was more of a shocker, and in stark contrast to the way Netflix usually cancels shows, was the pronouncement on Monday that Jessica Jones would be no more after its already completed third season premieres later this year.

No word on what the verbally dexterous Motor City-based rapper’s feelings on the end of Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist and the Rakim and Method Man featuring Luke Cage are. However, if you have ever actually listened to an Eminem album or saw 2002’s Curtis Hanson helmed 8 Mile, you’d know Marshall is extremely loyal to his friends and those who do him a good turn.

A point that becomes all the more poignant when you consider that Eminem and The Punisher actually shared a common enemy back in 2009 in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Yes, long story short, Frank Castle and Marshal Mathers were brought together by the once Stan Lee run outfit for a spell.

At first the two were enemies on the pages of the Fred Van Lente written story but they soon find they have a mutual enemy and team up to take down Barracuda and his paymasters in the rap hating Parents Music Council, which is a thinly veiled renaming of the once ominous Tipper Gore founded Parents Music Resource Center.

Netflix did not respond to request for comment on Eminem’s comments. But, word up Netflix, next time you kick a show to the curb – might wanna check out some of its friends first.

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