Donald Trump Predicts “Dishonest” Press Goes “Bust” In 6 Years After NYT’s Latest Blockbuster

President Donald Trump lashed out at the press this morning, bragging he personally has “kept many of them in business” and that in six years, which would be the end of his second term, “they all go bust.”
Triggering Trump’s Wednesday tweetstorm was a New York Times report, “Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump’s Two-Year War on the Investigations Encircling Him.” The 5K-word report details how Trump’s efforts “have exposed him to accusations of obstruction of justice as Robert Mueller III, the special counsel, finishes his work.”
While it ticks off more than 1100 times NYT is aware of that Trump trashed Robert Mueller, FBI, the DOJ and figures at those agencies, in a campaign to discredit the legal process, the new blockbuster was word Trump tried to interfere into the investigation of his former fixer Michael Cohen.
NYT reported Trump contacted Matt Whitaker, soon after Trump named him Acting Attorney General, asking that he un-recuse Trump ally Geoffrey Berman as head of the Southern District of New York court, which nailed Cohen on several counts to which he pled guilty. That court’s probing also touches on the Trump family business. Berman had recused himself from the investigations.
POTUS tried to interfere in the investigation of his former fixer Michael Cohen. NYT reported Trump asked then-acting Attorney General Matthew to un-recuse instate an ally of his at the top of the Southern District of New York, which is conducting extensive investigations into the president’s affairs.
Trump tweeted the reports have“have absolutely no basis in fact” and “the writers don’t even call asking for verification.”
“That’s a lie,” responded NYT reporter/Trump whisperer Maggie Haberman – one of four bylines on the NYT report.
On CNN Wednesday morning, Haberman said she and other NTY-ers reached out to him on Friday. Haberman also noted this is the Trump playbook: claim not to have been contacted after declining to respond when approached before publication.
“We went through a detailed list of what we were planning on reporting,” Haberman told CNN. “They chose not to engage, and afterwards, the president acts surprised. Whether his aides are not telling him what we are looking at or whether this is a game and he knows what it is and he’s pretending, I can’t read his mind.”

Trump also tweeted encouraging words to the high school student whose parents have sued The Washington Post for defamation, in connection with its coverage of the student’s run-in with a Native American last month in Washington D.C.

WaPo reports the lawsuit claims the newspaper “targeted and bullied” MAGA-hat-wearing Nicholas Sandmann “because it wanted to advance its well-known and easily documented bias agenda against President Donald J. Trump. Sandman’s parents are seeking $250M in damages which is what Jeff Bezos paid for WaPo in 2013.

“Go get them Nick,” Trump tweeted, adding, “Fake News!”

Here are Trump’s tweets:

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