Andrew McCabe To Stephen Colbert: Donald Trump Still Behaves Suspiciously


UPDATED with video: “How coup-y did it feel to you in the moment?” Stephen Colbert asked former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe of the moment when top officials at the Justice Department and the FBI mulled if there were ways to remove President Donald Trump from office.

McCabe is making the TV rounds in promotion of his new new book “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America In the Age of Terror and Trump.” [Part 2 of interview is below]

During his first, blockbuster interview, on last Sunday’s 60 Minutes,¬† McCabe said Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein suggested that he might wear a recording device into the White House to gather incriminating information. Also discussed: whether cabinet members would work together to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. Sen. Lindsey Graham, these days a Trump supporter, has said he wants to investigate this potential “coup” attempt.

“It was not very coup-y,” McCabe answered, seeming a little uneasy with late-night banter. “It was a mention in the midst of a wide ranging conversation.”

“It was, for me, an indicator just how frenzy and fraught the situation was that we were in they¬† were the kind of things that were bouncing around,” he added.

Asked if he had seen or heard anything in the last two years “that makes you less suspicious of the President, or is less indicative that he had an improper relationship with the Russians,” McCabe answered:


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