Eight Scribes Selected for Disney-ABC Television 2019 Writing Program

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The Disney ABC Television Writing Program has selected the participants for the 2019 program, with the incoming scribes hailing from Virginia, Florida, Illinois, California and Alaska.

On the comedy side, participants include children’s literacy advocate Aadip Desai (Sacramento, California); Jesse Esparza, writer and performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (Sacramento, California); technical project manager Jessica Combs (Miami, Florida); stand-up comedian Marina Quintero (Pasadena, California); and former international aid director and investment analyst Nayna Agrawal (Vienna, Virginia). Drama writers include actor Racheal Seymour (Fairbanks, Alaska), digital producer Tracy Taylor (Chicago, Illinois) and writers’ assistant Will J. Watkins (Chicago, Illinois).

“The Creative Talent Development & Inclusion team is excited to continue expanding the pool of talent with this diverse group of writers on the cusp of breaking through,” said Tim McNeal, vice president, Creative Talent Development & Inclusion. “We look forward to championing their careers as they move up the ranks to join our showrunner and producer alumni in continuing to change the face of Hollywood.”

Created in 1990 with the Writers Guild of America West, the one-year program’s goal is to help participants secure their first staffing assignments via Disney-ABC Television series.

While staff jobs are not guaranteed, program organizers say they have a nearly 100 percent hiring rate.

This past season, the 2018 writers collectively landed eight script assignments. In addition, two alumni – Zahir McGee and Raamla Mohamed – each signed ABC Studios overall production deals.

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