Fortnite Star “Ninja” Has Toy Line Debuting At NY Toy Fair

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins influence in the gaming world is about to expand into real life. The social media influencer, whose streaming videos of his Fortnite gaming exploits on Twitch have built an audience of 13 million followers and 21 million YouTubers, will now have his own line of collectible figurines and plush dolls.

 The 27-year-old gamer’s toys are expected to be on display this weekend at the annual New York Toy Fair.

Wicked Cool Toys plans nearly a dozen different types of collectibles featuring a cartoon version of Ninja. The Lamo toy line will also feature other Twitch personalities, including DrDisRespect, TimTheTatman, Lirik, and Summit1G.

The figurines are also part of a mobile augmented reality mobile game, and will soon appear in matches that will be touted as something to do between Fortnite matches.

The toy line is scheduled to arrive in stores this fall.

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