How Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Will Handle The Bawdy In The Current #MeToo Era – TCA


In Garth Ennis’ comic book series The Boysthere’s some really risque events involving women that goes down, scenes in this #MeToo era which would be hard to argue as apropos.

In what sounds like a similar dystopian world that DC’s Watchmen would dwell in, The Boys takes place during a time when superheros have an American Idol-type of mass appeal, however, they’re awful people and abuse women, and abuse power to a great degree. Hughie (Jack Quaid) suffers a great loss at the hands of a reckless ‘Supe’, and his devastation turns to outrage when there’s no legal recourse for those who are victims of collateral superhero damage. Hugie meets Billy Butcher, (Karl Urban), a mysterious operative who recruits him to pursue vigilante justice against the ‘Supes’.

In regards to handling such lewd moments from the comic-book, The Boys showrunner/EP Eric Kripke said at Amazon’s TCA today, that such shocking creative choices only make sense if it furthers the character. “If something doesn’t further the character, we cut it,” said the Supernatural creator, “then the irreverence wouldn’t be for shock value.” Like Ennis’ Preacher which is heading into its fourth season from The Boys EPs Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the latest Amazon superhero series is meant to push boundaries.

Erin Moriarty who plays Starlight/Annie January on the show is in some of these bawdy scenes. The reason why she felt strongly why “the hard and ugly stuff” should be put in the show is “because it’s happening, and we need to talk about it….it’s a commentary of what’s going on now.”

“As long we don’t treat it as a f***king joke,” said Kripke about the series approach to its controversial scenes, “if it’s real and happening to these characters; their actions and ramifications, we give (the content) the gravity it deserves.”


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