‘Fleabag’ Season 2 Explores Religion With Help Of “Hot Priest” – TCA


The second season of Amazon’s Fleabag  surprised nobody more than series creator/star Phoebe Waller-Bridge, she told TV critics at TCA.

“I decided not to do a second season. Absolutely. For sure,” she insisted Wednesday afternoon, joking,  “I have great pride in my artistic integrity.”

Only then, she said, she had this idea.

Now she insisted, she is determined not to do a Season 3. Absolutely. For sure.

Season 2 sees Fleabag’s sees family as dysfunctional as ever; uptight sister Claire, her obnoxious alcoholic husband, their father in a relationship with their godmother.

But this season, Andrew Scott is added to the cast as The Priest  – “Hot Priest,” as one TV critic described at TCA, which Waller-Bridge said she wish she’d thought of.

The notion of an atheist trying to find meaning in a world in which everything seems so bad, and the “need to believe in something” these bleak days resonated with her, she said, noting most of the jokes she’d jotted in a notebook she keeps with her were about religion, but not by design.

“I wanted someone to challenge her, who she couldn’t reduce to an anecdote,” Waller-Bridge said of Hot Priest.

“They really challenge each other” she said. Fleabag is left seeing the world in a completely different way. This season, she said, is about the impact people can have on each other.

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