Julianna Margulies Almost Reprised Her ‘Good Wife’ Role On ‘The Good Fight’: “I Really Wanted To Do It”

By Rosy Cordero, Nellie Andreeva

The Good Wife

The last time we saw Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Floreck, she was recovering from that infamous slap by Diane (Christine Baranski) at the end of The Good Wife series finale.

Ever since spinoff series The Good Fight starring Baranski was announced shortly after the end of The Good Wife, one of the biggest questions has been whether Margulies would appear in it, reprising her role. That almost happened on the upcoming third season of the CBS All Access legal drama from The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King, the actress revealed to Deadline.

“Me and the Kings actually just recently had a call because they had this great idea,” Margulies told Deadline at the National Geographic TCA spring soiree. “I said, ‘You know what? I would love to.’ But the deal didn’t happen.”

Asked whether a guest appearance on The Good Fight could happen in the future, Margulies said, “I don’t think so. I think we’ve put the idea to bed this time, unfortunately. I really wanted to do it.”

Talking about Season 3 of The Good Fight at TCA last week, Robert King confirmed that bringing Alicia back was briefly considered.


“We thought maybe about making a big episode where she would be at the resistance, Diane and her face each other,” he told reporters. “But that would be the end of the story. It felt like an asterisk.”

His comments echoed the Kings’ statement about Alicia possibly appearing on The Good Fight at the launch of the series in 2017. “We discussed with Julianna the idea of visiting, but we all agreed: no matter what we did, that would then become the true end to the Good Wife story, and that’s unfortunate,” they told Deadline at the time.

While Margulies may have moved on from her role on The Good Wife, the character of Alicia Florrick is never too far away from her. The Emmy Award-winning actress often thinks about the attorney/mom/politician she portrayed for seven seasons on CBS.

“I think about her all the time,” Margulies told Deadline. “I think about how she would answer a question. I could be in the middle of a conversation and I wonder, ‘How would Alicia answer this?’ She’s just so much smarter than me. I do think about her. I miss her and I love her.”

Even though reprising Alicia Floreck does not appear to be in the cards, Margulies continues to be interested in playing strong female characters, like Col. Nancy Jaax whom she portrays in the National Geographic miniseries The Hot Zone, premiering May 27. Although, she admits that it’s a total coincidence that those are the roles she ends up doing.

“I think me playing these strong female roles just happens,” she said. “I love playing strong women, but I don’t know if [my getting these roles] is conscious. I think it just sort of unfolds that way.”

And there are more such roles on the way. “I have new projects coming up but I don’t have dates yet so I can’t talk about them, Margulies said. “They’re two very strong women roles that are fabulous.”

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