‘The Story of God’ Panelist Attempts To Explain Evangelical Support Of Donald Trump – TCA

Michael Buckner

Season 3 of National Geographic Channel’s The Story of God follows Morgan Freeman as he travels to cities deemed the world’s holiest, and speak with religious leaders, scientists, historians and archaeologists.

At TCA, series producers said they faced greatest push-back while trying to shoot in some of these holiest of places.

“We don’t have a good track record in the Holy Land,” EP James Younger told TV critics.

That includes getting tossed from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, they reported. They also reported getting a lousy reception in Bethlehem. In one instance, a religious figure held a mobile phone making loud noises in order to wreck their filming. Other holy folk favored throwing keys to the ground to ruin their footage.

The panelists also got asked to explain those who “profess to be people of faith” but support President Donald Trump, and “turn a blind eye” to hate and discrimination.

Correspondent Sal Masekela speculated they are maybe happy “being saluted at the front of the line.”

They all got asked if they believe in god. Freeman took that one.

“Yes,” he said. “Why do I? I’m god.”

When TV critics laughed, Freeman having played god at various times, he responded, “You laugh. I mean it. I believe the concept of god is the concept of human life. Either there is god or there isn’t god. I believe there is, because there is me…I believe in me as having the power of god in me.”

God, he said “is love.”

When the Q&A ended, Morgan stood up and asked the TV critics: “I have question: How many of you out there are playing solitaire?” – perhaps disapproving of the sea of laptops. He did not elaborate.

The third season of The Story of God will debut March 5, after a pause in production in the wake of a report in which eight women came forward to accuse Freeman of inappropriate behavior. NatGeo said its investigation revealed no incidents of concern during any of its work with Freeman.

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