‘Real Time’: No Support For Trump Supporter Jack Kingston On Maher Show


Update, with video… Jack Kingston can’t seem to find a friendly spot since getting the boot from CNN. First the Trump surrogate was rebuked by Ari Melber on MSNBC for calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “a 29-year-old coffee barista,” and tonight on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher he seemed to have been called a racist by one guest and dismissed as a paid mouthpiece by another.

Kingston, the conservative former congressman from Georgia-turned-former CNN pundit (his contract recently wasn’t renewed) was expressing shock at the blackface past of Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam. As Kingston was attempting to criticize Northam’s behavior as an outlier for the era – “Nobody did that” – he said, “And I’m from the Deep South…”

At which point Malcolm Nance, the career U.S. Counterterrorism Intelligence Office and frequent Real Time guest, said what sounded like, “Well, you exercised your racism, you didn’t need to put blackface on.”

The comment was made during crosstalk and somewhat sotto voce, so the exact words were a bit difficult to determine, but the audience seemed to catch it, as did Kingston. “That’s real cute,” he told Nance.

Things didn’t turn to the bright side for Kingston when Monty Python great Eric Idle joined the panel. When the former Trump campaign advisor boasted about the current climate of “jobs and peace” that will be hard to beat in the next election, Idle snapped, “You’re paid to say other people’s opinions.”

As for Maher’s stance, he saved his final New Rule to make his argument that the woes of the country are not the equal doing of both parties, and the side he pointed his finger at belonged to Kingston: He cited an article titled “Let’s Just Say It: The Republicans Are The Problem.” (Check the segment out above).

Earlier this week, the network-less Kingston showed up on Melber’s MSNBC show, where he dismissed Ocasio-Cortez’s criticism of the president. “Here we have a 29-year-old coffee barista telling a man who has made billions of dollars running management, in enterprises, investments and real estate all over the globe and she’s gonna tell him how to manage the world,” Kingston said.

Melber responded, “She’s not being quoted today based on the fact that she worked in retail or in service. She is being quoted as a member of Congress. Do you not give her the same respect [for] the title you held?”


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