Kevin Spacey Lawyers Argue Against Accuser’s Anonymity In Alleged Malibu Groping

Photo by Babiradpicture/REX/Shutterstock

Actor Kevin Spacey is telling a federal court that a lawsuit against him will be prejudiced unless his accuser is named in an alleged Malibu sexual touching case he faces.

Spacey has been accused by a massage therapist of forced sexual touching during a rub-down session at a private residence in Malibu. The therapist, who has so far remained anonymous, alleged in a lawsuit that Spacey twice forced the therapist to grab the actor’s genitals.

The Malibu incident allegedly happened three months before Spacey was charged in Massachusetts for an alleged 2016 groping incident involving a young waiter. That case has received far more public attention, as it involved the son of a prominent local TV anchor who was working as a waiter.

Spacey’s lawyers argued in the court brief filed on the Malibur incident that Spacey would be “severely prejudiced by the massage therapist’s anonymity. Moreover, Spacey, as a public figure, would be made more vulnerable to other threats and privacy invasions.

The anonymous massage therapist accuser will now have the opportunity to argue that the right to anonymity is more important than Spacey’s right to a defense that can be potentially bolstered by third parties coming forward with information on the accuser.

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