Bret Baier Describes Car Flip Accident On Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’


Bret Baier finally made his Late Show gig last night, a couple weeks late but none the worse for wear after the car accident that nixed his earlier scheduled appearance on Stephen Colbert’s CBS show.

Colbert actually broke the news of Baier’s Jan. 21 accident when the Fox News Special Report host had to cancel a scheduled Late Show appearance.

“I will tell you that I realized the reach of your show in the next day,” Baier told Colbert last night. “Thousands of people emailed or texted. I had people from grammar school saying, ‘Are you in a coma?’ I’m like ‘If I was, I don’t know how I’m going to get back to you.’ ”

Baier described the car crash, which occurred on an icy Montana road when Baier and his wife and two kids were headed to the airport after a ski trip.

“We were coming back from a ski trip and I was driving and it was pure ice,” Baier said. “We were about a mile from the airport, slipped through an intersection, got hit by a pickup truck, turned and flipped.”

“Airbags go off, windshield breaks. Good Samaritan stops – Zach Black, thank you, Zach. Gets us out of passenger side….First responders were unbelievable. Montana Highway Patrol, EMS. We got away with a concussion, sprained ankle, 14 stitches on a chin, and my eight-year-old lost a tooth, but he’s a hockey player, so he really likes that. He looks like Ovechkin.” (That would be Alexander Ovechkin, captain of the NHL’s Washington Capitals.)

Continued Baier, “Everybody is okay, we are very blessed, thank God. Please wear your seatbelts and thanks to the first responders.”

Watch the Late Show segment above.

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