Fox Will Eye Expansion & Acquisitions While Broadcast Network Concentrates On “Crazy” Creative Risk-Taking – TCA

Charlie Collier
Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup

Fox will continue to look at acquisitions and expansion opportunities, while the broadcast network will look to take “crazy” creative-risks.

That was the message from Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier, who lauded the company’s “open canvas” as it transitions into a start-up, albeit, a start-up with a $26B valuation at his inaugural TCA address.

“The broadcast network is just one part of Fox Entertainment,” he said. “There will be expansion. There will be acquisitions. I assure you the Murdochs and the management team are as curious, strategic and aggressive as they’ve ever been.”

This follows hot on the footsteps of its first major content roll-up; a deal with Gail Berman to launch SideCar, a “content development accelerator”.

He said it was nice to join a company where “’why not?’ and ‘if you want to, sure let’s try it’ are common refrains”.

“We will continue to be bold; taking creative risks, nurturing high-quality content and delivering shared experiences that stand the test of time. And, we’ll do all of this while implementing a growth strategy that will keep us ahead of the business curve as well.”

He said that no single platform or network has “cornered the market on story” and pointed to shows such as Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale and HBO’s The Sopranos.

“I believe that sometimes the best bet is on that seemingly crazy, highly focused, well-positioned little guy. The risk takers. That’s who we are. We value creating the right environment, the right culture and the right creative relationships with which to succeed.  Well-funded and strategic enough to act fast, small enough to remain scrappy and nimble enough to fit in the corners that others can’t or simply won’t,” he said. “Fox has risk taking in its DNA. They have zigged for years when others zagged. Fox has proven its crazy bets to be anything but.”

Collier appeared to be set to announce a reboot of Fox’s Melrose Place, but it turned out that it was merely a tool for the former AMC chief to use to prove Fox’s slightly different approach to marketing.

He also appeared pleased that he would not have to learn all of the different acronyms that have been floating around the studios under the previous leadership. “Last year, Dana and Gary, my friends and colleagues, stood up here as heads of Fox Broadcasting Company, in addition, of course, to their roles at the studio. There was FBC, FTG, FNG and TCFTV and the like. The place is filled with acronyms. Today, however I helm what we’ve renamed, simply…  Fox Entertainment.”

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