Charlie Collier: Fox News Is Still Run “Completely Separately” From Entertainment Division Under New Fox

David Buchan/REX

Charlie Collier does not believe new Fox will have issues attracting talent despite the scaled down network being slightly closer to Fox News than under its previous incarnation.

This comes despite a number of high-profile showrunners, including Seth MacFarlane, Steve Levitan and Kurt Sutter, slamming the news organization over the last few months.

“I understand why it’s a huge issue for a lot of people. I really appreciate those who speak up about it,” he said at TCA. “The bottom line is the news division and entertainment division are run completely separately and I have yet to be asked for my editorial perspective on the news business and I’ve yet to call anyone in New York and ask them for the editorial perspective on the entertainment business.”

He said that he made a number of considerations before taking the job last year and decided that executives from the entertainment division had been encouraged to take risks. This is despite the right-leaning nature of its news arm.

“I looked over at all of those people creating some of the best content for the last 20 years and I thought, not only does it seem like there’s nothing holding them but they’re being supported by people taking chances from everything from In Living Color and Empire and everything in between so the calculus I did was saying ‘I’d love to be part of that legacy’.”

Collier highlighted creative talent such as Graham Yost, Greg Berlanti, Elizabeth Banks, David Ayer, Kristin Wiig, Amy Poehler, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Katims and Diablo Cody that were all working with ‘new’ Fox.

“We will emerge free and nimble enough to partner with the best and brightest content creators out there, we’ve entered into relationships that largely were not possible for Fox in the past: co-productions across multiple studios for instance, and relationships with talent and partners that are completely new to our business.”

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