Charlie Collier Makes Big Entrance At TCA

Charlie Collier
Frank Micelotta/Fox/PictureGroup

Fox’s new Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier knows how to make an entrance at TCA.

Making his debut as head of Fox Entertainment, the former president of AMC walked out wearing the Hippo mask from the network’s new singing competition The Masked Singer and began to deliver the kind of happy chatter TV critics expect from their network execs

“It’s a pleasure to be here with you today. It’s my first TCA at the Fox podium, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit. The Disney transaction has yet to close, but I feel like we’re already accomplishing so much for New Fox,” he said, sounding like a chipmunk-hippo hybrid because the Masked Singer masks also disguise the wearer’s voice.

Those of us who have covered Collier for years thought the guy looked a little short – but, halfway through the all-day/every-day march that is TCA, no one is sure of anything.

“This was a bad idea,” he said, growing exasperated with the mask and finally throwing it off.

It was Jonathan Banks. Hitman on AMC’s Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

“Charlie and I are good friends,” Banks told tickled TV critics. “Let this be a cautionary tale about what you would do for a friend. I said I’d do anything for him, but this is ridiculous.” He added that he wanted to come to thank them for liking his series over the years.

Then he introduced Collier.

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