Trevor Noah Analyzes State Of The Union And Trump’s ‘Crooked Tie’

The Daily Show aired a live episode following the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019. (Credit: YouTube/Comedy Central)
YouTube/Comedy Central

Trevor Noah had an abundance of material Tuesday night for The Daily Show‘s live State of the Union episode.

The show titled State of the Union 2019: Uncancelled — LIVE aired shortly after President Donald Trump’s second State of the Union address.

During his opening monologue, Noah reminded viewers that the late-night show was “100% live.” He then joked about Trump’s speaking skills and lamented that the president’s necktie was crooked during his speech.

“Trump walked past 600 people, and not a single one of them had the balls to tell him,” Noah quipped about the president’s tie. “In fact, at some point, Mike Pence was like ‘This is the way ties should be from now on.'”

“I guess we should be grateful his fly wasn’t open,” he said.

The comedian pointed out that the State of the Union was supposed to happen a week ago, but was pushed back because of the government shutdown. Still, Noah said the one-week delay was “good, because it gave Trump extra time to practice mispronouncing big words.”

Noah also got several laughs at Rick Perry’s expense, when he mentioned the energy secretary being the “designated survivor” — the cabinet member who would take over as president if disaster struck at the Capitol and wiped out the country’s leaders.

“That’s right, if everyone was gone, Rick Perry would have been the president of the United States, which is fine. He fulfills our new requirement for being president. He’s been on a reality show. It works,” Noah said.

The comedian revealed they had a “designated comedy survivor” assigned at The Daily Show, just in case.

“We didn’t take any chances either,” he said. “We had our own designated comedy survivor, [comedian] Ronny Chieng everybody, just in case the State of the Union was catastrophically unfunny. We actually had Ronny in a secure location watching something else on TV, so that no matter what, we’d have something to joke about during our live show.”

Ronny said he spent the evening in a bunker watching “the only thing that was on at 9 pm,” a rerun of Property Brothers. He said it was not a pleasant experience.

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