Lit Manager-Producer Stacey Lubliner Joins 3 Arts Entertainment

3 Arts Entertainment

Veteran literary manager and producer Stacey Lubliner has joined 3 Arts Entertainment. She brings with her feature film clients including Hillary Seitz (Insomnia), Leo Matsuda (Zootopia), Lena Khan (The Tiger Hunter), Matt McConkey (Heathers), Josie McGibbon & Sara Parriott (Runaway Bride) and Shamar White (Valor).

“Great writers are the hallmark of 3 Arts, and we know Stacey and her clients are a perfect fit,” the company’s management committee said in a statement. “We’re grateful to have her join us.”

Lubliner has spent the past few years at Gotham Group as a manager and producer. She began her career at ICM, where she spent eight years with the Motion Picture Literary Group. Lubliner then transitioned from agent to producer at Lime Orchard Productions, where she was president for four years and worked with features including A Better Life, which earned Demian Bichir an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

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