Live From D.C., Donald Trump Jr. Doesn’t Know How To Spell ‘SNL’

Andrew Harnik/Shutterstock

Maybe Donald Trump Jr. has old 1980s financial scandals on his mind lately. More likely, though, the president’s son simply doesn’t know how to spell “SNL.”

“It’s almost like a funny version of an S&L skit,” Junior wrote, retweeting a liberal-mocking list of things supposedly endorsed by left-wingers. Unless there’s another “skit” show, Trump Jr. was clearly referring to NBC’s Saturday Night Live, aka for 44 years SNL, the show that makes regular late-night meals of his dad (and his brother and himself).

And the misspelling wasn’t the only thing he got wrong. That “almost” funny list included knee slappers like “you’re racist” and “no private healthcare” and “kill fully formed 2 seconds from birth babies.”

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait until the next live SNL – Feb. 9 – to get some comic push-back. Andy Richter (“75 IQ points spread across the whole clan”) and Questlove were among the tweet responders, but best was the slap from former longtime SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan.

Resting just below Junior’s tweet, on Junior’s page, is Moynihan’s response:

“You dummy.”

And just in case things start to go missing from the First Son’s page, here’s a screen grab for safe keeping:

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