Amazon Super Bowl Ad Has Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker And ‘Broad City’ Duo Ilana Glazer And Abbi Jacobson Testing Alexa

Amazon has gone back to the long-form, star-studded well for the Super Bowl, incorporating Harrison Ford, Forest Whitaker and Broad City duo Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson into a 90-second spot promoting Alexa.

The spot, which was released today online and will air on Sunday’s Super Bowl LIII, pivots on the gimmick of Amazon experimenting with uses for Alexa voice-activation technology. The joke is, the company has has more than a few fails with these tests. It tried putting it in a toothbrush (which muffles the sound of Whitaker’s favorite podcast); a dog collar (which has Ford’s dog ordering his own sausage and gravy); and a hot tub (where Glazer and Jacobson get propelled into the air with a Bellagio-style fountain spray).

As a framing device, the spot has two Amazon employees comparing notes about the beta-testing. After one furtively acknowledges “The Incident,” the action shows the lights blinking on and off around the world. Cut to a space station orbiting the Earth, where an Alexa unit has inadvertently been turning the electrical grid on and off due to voice commands. Real-life astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly are shown trying to troubleshoot the situation, floating over to the glowing Alexa unit.

Last year, during Super Bowl LII, Amazon had a similar spot turning on the imaginary setup that Alexa had lost her voice. Stepping in to provide their own colorful replacement voices were Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Anthony Hopkins.

That 2018 ad wound up the most-viewed Super Bowl commercial on YouTube and also topped reaction polls such as USA Today‘s Ad Meter.

Have a look at the ad above or below and tell us how you think it rates.

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