Michael Sheen’s Roger Stone-esque ‘The Good Fight’ Character Wants To “Eat, F*ck And Poke People” – TCA

The Good Fight TCA panel
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The upcoming season of The Good Fight tackled the raging storm that is Donald Trump America, creators told TV critics at TCA.

“This season is about finding out what the storm is…how the guard rails are coming off our institutions now” and “what does the resistance look like,” Robert King explained.

In November, Masters Of Sex alum Michael Sheen joined the third season of the CBS All Access legal drama series. In a one-year deal, he plays charismatic Machiavellian Roland Blum, who’s more interested in winning than following the law.

The character is based on Roy Cohn, or his more recent iteration Roger Stone, King said, describing  Blum is a Satan in the law firm.

Sheen said he feels like he’s “expressing the id of the show.”

“He’s disruptive,” Sheen said of Blum, and “upsets normal.”

“There is something quite devilish about him,” Sheen added. “He wants to eat and fuck and disrupt, and poke people ”

When the series returns on CBS All Access, on Thursday, March 14, it will include regular cartoon explainers on topics including impeachment, Russian troll farms, NDA’s and, of course, Roy Cohn. Each episode also will have a soliloquy “unless we think they’re awful,” Robert King joked.

One critic wondered how the series praised for its prescience in depicting the roll-out of Donald Trump’s reign in the White House, would adjust if, before its season debut Robert Mueller’s report comes out or a move is made toward impeachment. Michelle King smiled and assured critics the writing staff would cheerfully rewrite under either circumstance.

Another critic wondered to what degree the Kings felt they were making a TV series and to what degree it’s  “public service.”

“We’re not real fans of shows that preach to the choir,” Robert King said, insisting The Good Fight also satirizes the left, pointing to an episode about racism within the firm, which he said makes clear that the people who pat themselves on the back for giving to  “all the right causes are kind of scumbags too.”

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