Adam Goldberg Is Billionaire And Maybe ‘God Account’ Owner On ‘God Friended Me’ – TCA

Luber Roklin Entertainment; CBS

Adam Goldberg has been cast in recurring role as Simon Hayes, the techie billionaire Simon Hayes who may or may not be owner of the God Account on CBS series God Friended Me, EP Bryan Wynbrandt announced Wednesday at TCA.

God Friended Me stars Brandon Micheal Hall as an outspoken atheist who receives a “friend” request on social media from “god” and, with “god’s” help gets involved in helping others around him.

Asked how long the show intended to tease the mystery behind God Account, Wynbrandt answered coyly that “Simon Hayes’s involvement in the God Account will be explained and end the season in a satisfactory manner.”

Asked whether the series will tackle abortion and gay marriage, Wynbrandt again deflected, saying “We’ll touch on” them as they “feel organic to storylines” but will not write “toward commentary.”

“We won’t sit in the writers’ room and say ‘how do we tackle that issue’,” he added.

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Another TV critic wanted to know what topics the show would not handle. “We haven’t put any restrictions on topics,” Wynbrandt insisted. “The show is called God Friended Me but it’s not about religion. It’s about humanity…Really nothing is off limits.

“We don’t let religion drive the show,” said Wynbrandt, who revealed he is ” of the “some do find their way to atheism through trauma” school of thought.

CBS announced this week is has  ordered a second season for the 2019-2020 broadcast season. “We’re thrilled with how God Friended Me has performed on Sundays. It’s one of the top three new series on television, has improved its time period significantly, and continues a long tradition of prestige dramas for CBS on the night,” CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said in the announcement.

The show is CBS’ second-most-watched new series and the most-watched scripted series on Sunday, averaging 10 million viewers.

Goldberg is represented by Luber Roklin Entertainment and UTA.

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