Stephen Colbert Rats Out Donald Trump’s Latest Immigration Beefs – And Credits Hollywood


President Donald Trump really doesn’t want illegal immigrants coming across His Country’s southern border. While that statement is neither breaking nor fake news, POTUS has been ratcheting up the rhetoric lately with comments about how those pesky non-Americans are Coming to Get You while¬†giving our poor Border Patrol folks fits.

As Stephen Colbert pointed out on CBS’ The Late Show tonight, Trump has taken to citing three rather specific no-nos being perpetrated by those border-jumpers and the coyotes who facilitate said invasion. First, there’s the apparent epidemic of women being tied up with duct tape, forced into cars and trafficked in the U.S. Also, those warehouse-filling prayer rugs that allegedly have been found in the desert. He also has mentioned the ridiculously fast and high-tech super-vehicles the smugglers seem to use to outrun the authorities.

But as administration officials have scrambled to find actual evidence of the above, some Internet detectives — possibly those 400-pounders living in their moms’ basement who Trump said might have done the Russia hacking — might have figured out where the president got those notions. Hint: It’s all Hollywood’s fault. And dig the E.T. reference.

Check out the video here because it’s too fun to spoil if you haven’t heard about it. Below that is a clip of Colbert’s sit-down with the lately ubiquitous Chris Christie, who is on a media tour to promote his new book:

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