America Ferrera Touts ‘Superstore’ & ‘Ugly Betty’ Crossover As Team Talks Trump & Potential Russian Remake – TCA

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America Ferrera has her eye on a crossover between her Superstore and Ugly Betty characters – two women with very different outlooks on the world.

Ferrera, speaking at day one of TCA, said that while there have been no further official conversations about an Ugly Betty remake, she was keen to have Amy Dubanowski bump into Betty Suarez. “I love Betty and it would be so interesting to go back and try and play her again. It would be fun to see Amy and Betty interact – they’re so different.”


“I came off of Ugly Betty and wasn’t on a show for five years and part of what drew me to the character of Amy was that I was playing this sunny young woman that the world couldn’t knock down and that was fun and exhausting and felt like one experience of womenhood, where you wake up everyday and put on a smile and make people feel inspired and Amy was on the exact opposite of that spectrum. She doesn’t feel the need to smile and that was so [interesting] to me to explore what it was like to walk in the world as a woman without trying to make people like you. It was a great experience to go from Betty to Amy and I would love to see those two women [together],” she added.

Superstore is currently in the middle of its 22-episode fourth season (there was no official word on a pickup for a fifth season) and creator Justin Spitzer was asked whether he and his writing team wrote the show any differently following the election of Donald Trump. “I don’t think we’ve changed the way that we write the show, I think we mentioned Trump once,” he said.

But Ferrera added that things had changed since the show was picked up under President Obama. “More and more people are looking for conversations that are honest and authentic and explain the world around us. Justin and the rest of our writers are able to masterfully address these without picking a side or saying who’s wrong or who’s right. One of the nicest things anymore has said about our show is that it’s the type of world that they want to live in and it’s a world where people can be so different from each other and believe such different things but treat each other with decency and that’s something that we’re not seeing a lot of in society and it’s something that we have in our show,” she said.

The characters in Superstore work in Cloud 9, a big-box store that has branches across the United States and around the world. Spitzer was coy about domestic spin-offs but did allude to a remake in Russia. “I think there’s a Russian version – not sure what’s going on with that,” he told Deadline. Deadline understands that NBCUniversal Television Distribution is in talks about a scripted format deal for the comedy.  большой супермаркет, anyone?

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