“Wow, You Guys Are Clueless” And Other #MeToo Revelations At ‘Women Of Drama’ Panel – TCA

“What’s an intimacy coach?” The Village’s Lorraine Toussaint asked TV critics on Day 1 of Winter TCA 2019.

NBC had pointedly kicked off Winter TCA 2019 with a “Women of Drama” panel, presumably so Toussaint, Jennifer Carpenter of The Enemy Within, Good GIrlsRetta, and This is Us’s Susan Kelechi Watson could weigh in on the #MeToo movement and how it had impacted their sets.

“Last season, when everything was coming out, we had a lot of guest stars male ask us questions which we found interesting and nice,” Retta smiled, describing her reaction to some of their questions: “Wow you guys are clueless.”

“Specifically having men ask us what we’ve dealt with, why do we think it took until now,” she elaborated. “I don’t know they had any motive – just wanted to know because..it was becoming more and more obvious that more and more women experienced it.”

Once it was explained to Toussaint what is an intimacy coach, she said she was “glad to hear” they exist, saying she has had some some “revealing” scenes across her career,  “where I felt particularly vulnerable” and had to act as her own advocate.

“I’ve been a bit of a Nazi about insisting on a closed set, including sound,” she said. “If you don’t have to be on that set – go away. Part of the #MeToo movement is empowering us to be our own advocates, when there is no one else around, and put our feet down.”

Another reporter noted the ethnic diversity of the actresses on stage.

“You wait long enough in the night and the sun will rise,” Toussaint responded. “We are experiencing real renaissance again of diversity, and especially for women and especially for women of a particular age.

“Hollywood was always about young women. Now it isn’t always about ‘Young Women’ and often times we get more interesting as we get older. Look at this panel,” she beamed.

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